Moms On Manual : DSLR Basics Workshop

You guys, I hosted my very first educational workshop! And it was more than I ever dreamed it to be! I taught DSLR basics and after the class- EVERYONE could shoot in Manual. This group is growing and I am creating more classes! *A next level class is in the works for May 19th!- Light, Lenses, and Location! And another Basics class will be held in October! What a dream to teach and inspire other women to create their own memories at home. Memories they will want to hang on their walls to showcase! Here are some photos from the workshop thanks to my sis, Lauren. And a big thank you to all of the vendors who contributed!!

Workshop Space- The Annex Collaborative Studio || Custom Cheat Sheet- Constantly Alexandra Designs ||  MOM Brand Cookies- Rachel Bakes || Juices- The Crunchy Carrot




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all photos taken by
amanda robbins photography
est. 2013