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I just wanted to share a little from our first L, L, & L class this past Sunday! After a few cancellations (including my models- one had strep!): I thought that all was lost! But it most definitely was not! I knew two amazing women were still coming and my wonderful mom as well- who came to learn (and model!!) – and they all had a drive like no other!

The class was such a success and I want to extend something to everyone! I realized how MUCH more I can share and dig into with a small class of two or three. If you have ANY interest in trying to come to this class- I want to offer more meet-ups like this! Informal, fun, and you’ll take home a L,L, & L Guide that is FULL of info you will want to get your hands on! Including all of my fav go-to session and photography spots! I also want to extend an editing class (for Lightroom users!) as well if you want to dig into that! I am here for YOU and your needs!

What to expect with the L,L, & L meet-up?? We will enjoy some beverages at Cure – chat for a bit – then explore alll of the amazing spots Freemason District had to offer! You will get some casual headshots and practice photographing some models in all different lighting scenarios! I will help you understand how to use the light you are given outdoors- and how to find THE spot to capture those photos you want to print!

I am so thankful today! ALWAYS look for the light in a darker situation. We made the absolute most out of the class and these two told me afterwards they finally understand how to capture those perfect photos at home!! Let me know if you are interested in creating a time to meet up and learn- and we will find a date that works best for each of us. Have a great day! 



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