I am for the couples and families who want to make memories last. I believe in capturing the raw moments in between. I am a wife who married her college sweetheart after only 2 months of dating. I believe that there shouldn't be any hesitations when it comes to love. I am a mom of two beautiful girls- Mildred "Millie" Pearl and Audrey Lynne. By the grace of God they are mine.  I strive to take in each moment with them and give them that extra squeeze when ever I can. We have two fur babies as well. Our first born- Chevy (The Mastiff) who has seen us through many of life's obstacles and adventures. We also have Heidi (The German Shepherd) who is our protector and keeper of all the kisses (even if you don't want them). We don't have it all together- but together, we have it all. And I feel blessed to call them my family. I am a wife/mom first, so I strive to connect with all of my clients as that person when I am capturing moments. I can't wait to make some memories with you. XOXO


I believe in moments over poses.   

TV SHOWS: Friends, That 70's Show, Wheel of Fortune, Game of Thrones
SPORTS TEAMS: Pittsburgh Everything :)
FOOD: Sushi, Tacos, Avocados, Cookie Dough 
COLORS: All things green, coral, and cream
HOBBIES: Besides chasing after my kids? Reading, Singing by myself, and Netflix-ing


Photography by Amanda Robbins Photography  ||  designed by gillian sarah || showit