Sarah & Corey : Married! | Intimate Virginia Beach Wedding | Virginia Beach Intimate Wedding Photographer

Okay, I love me a big super detailed long wedding with all the things. But- there is something about a small intimate wedding that hits me at my core. Everyone is different, everyone has different ideas and dreams for how they want to celebrate their love. And I LOVE that. When I first met Sarah, she confessed that they were actually planning a big wedding. Then after feeling overwhelmed, and losing sight of the reason for this day- they decided to keep it small. Only 14 people. No bridal party. And you know what? It had all the same ‘ooh and ahh’ moments that a big wedding would have. The Country Villa in Virginia Beach was so quaint and lovely, it was MADE for these types of celebrations. Then her parents gifted them a sit down dinner at The Cavalier at the Oceanfront (I was so excited when they added this!). It was such an honor to be able to capture their love. Brian and I were celebrating our own anniversary that weekend- and coincidentally the next night, when Sarah and Corey were celebrating their First Day of marriage we were a few tables down at a restaurant in Norfolk celebrating our 8th year! It was a really cool feeling and took Brian and I back to that excitement of a new adventure.

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and laughter. Thank you both so much for the opportunity to freeze this moment for you!



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