This session was hands down one of my favorites. Not only did it catch my creative heart on fire – BUT these two had such a sweet and romantic love. They came with ideas of their own and combined with my own we made some serious magic happen. Maymont (located in Richmond, VA) in the […]

So smitten with these two right now! It is so refreshing when I get to go out to a session and just relax, hangout, and capture REAL love. These two had never been in front of the camera before- and boy are they naturals! I cannot wait to capture their intimate wedding in North Carolina […]

If there were three things I could tell each couple prior to their Engagement Session with me, they would be : 1.) HAVE FUN 2.) MAKE IT PERSONAL 3.) REPEAT STEPS ONE AND TWO Becca and Chris followed these steps to a TEE and I am so unbelievably excited for their Wedding Day after this […]

These two knocked this session outta the park! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful ARP Couples! They all know how to laugh, love, cuddle, dance like no one is watching, and FLIRT! It makes it so much more of an experience than something that you HAVE to do on this […]

all photos taken by
amanda robbins photography
est. 2013